Woman Braids Her Hair Under Her Chin To Create This Spellbinding Look

If you have long hair, you know how hard it can be to style it. Most of us settle for a ponytail or a top bun. Some people, like Iris Araujo, are here to save you from your boring hairdo. She’s a braiding master, and in a recent instagram video she reminds us why that is.

Iris is a self-described freelance hair artist from Brazil. She specializes in a casual type of braiding, like the type you’d see someone wear at the beach or at a cocktail party. She posts all types of pictures and video tutorials on how to achieve her looks. One of her most popular videos is a tutorial on how to achieve a catrina, which is a traditional .foto-selfie-dhe-gjurm-euml-t-e-gishtave-do-t-euml-jen-euml-fjal-euml-kalimi-jon-euml-i-ri_hd-780x439

But it’s her simplest video tutorial the one who gathered the most attention. Posted seven weeks ago to her Instagram, and with over 750,000 views, the video shows Iris in her room braiding her hair under her chin. It looks odd and almost laughable, but Iris urges the viewer to wait for it.
The result is actually pretty mind-blowing! Especially for a hairdo that only took minutes to finish 


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