Doctors Do The Right Thing And Bring A Basil Leaf Right Up To His Eye

A scene straight out of a horror movie played out in Peru’s children’s hospital in Lima when a 17-year-old boy came to the doctors with a very swollen left eye. His eye had been steadily getting more swollen over the course of a month.

When the pain became too much for the boy to handle, he finally went to the hospital. After an MRI was done, the doctors discovered that the boy had a worm that had been making a home in his eye. The video of the procedure is not for the faint of heart.


His doctor was opthalmologist Dr. Carolina Marchena. She explained that if the worm had stayed in there for much longer he was in danger of serious health risks due to the area it was in. The swelling was in the part of the face called the ‘danger triangle’ from where infections can spread to the brain, reported Central European News.

Thanks to Dr. Marchena and her team, the 17-year-old will be just fine. Dr. Marchena used a basil leaf to coax out the worm. She explained how it works: ‘Basil was used as a way of attracting the worm and due to the smell, the worm came out and that’s why we used it.’



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